All of the following propositions of the Jansenist Council of Pistoia were condemned by Pope Pius VI in the Bull Auctorem Fidei (1796):

  1. That popular language be introduced into the liturgical prayers;
  2. That the power of ecclesiastical ministry and of rule is derived from the community of the faithful to the pastors;
  3. That the Roman Pontiff does not receive from Christ in the person of blessed Peter, but from the Church, the power of ministry, which as successor of Peter, true vicar of Christ and head of the whole Church he possesses in the universal Church;
  4. That it is fitting that there be only one altar in each temple;
  5. That cases of sacred relics or flowers should not be placed on the altar;
  6. To recall the liturgy to a greater simplicity of rites, by expressing it in the vernacular language, by uttering it in a loud voice; “as if the present order of the liturgy, received and approved by the Church, had emanated in some part from the forgetfulness of the principles by which it should be regulated.”
Something to think about, I guess; it seems things have changed somewhat.