But there ought to be. 🙂

With a tip of the cap to my lovely wife Sharon, who saw this, via Patrick Madrid’s site

Some poor soul took the time to research and list the 200 most popular Catholic Blogs from among the more than 2,000 sites listed with the Catholic Blog Directory. This ranking is not perfect, as it ranks only by the number of google subscribers for each. In other words, not only does it not rank by total hits, it doesn’t rank by total subscribers from all sources, just from google. However, it is some indication of the relative popularity within the group.

On this list, Saint Louis Catholic comes in at #125.

This actually floors me for two reasons:

  1. It indicates that Catholic blogging is in a worse state than I thought; and,
  2. It means that all seven of my readers care enough to subscribe an average of 23 times each.

Seriously, I am always thankful for each and every one of you who find this blog informative or interesting or humorous, and even for those of you for whom it is a punishment to read. As a general rule I have never sought to publicize this blog for any of the various blog awards that come out each year, nor have I sought to artificially pump up subscriptions or “followers” (a blogger term that gives me, as a Catholic, great pause to type). Even the name of the blog probably discourages a wider readership outside of this area.

For all that, I realize that this site does get read by many, and that the numbers are growing. I started this blog about three years ago, and the site is approaching 1,000,000 page views. Thank you very much for visiting here.

A reader told me last weekend that their mother actually overheard someone at her dentist’s office talking about a post I made. So much for pain-free dentistry.

Be that as it may, at least this site is ranked ahead of the USCCB’s media blog. I guess maybe the state of Catholic blogging isn’t that bad after all.