I sit here at my computer after experiencing a particularly disappointing, unsuccessful result on a job-unit-thingy I did for my specific kind of employment. I am reflecting that the blog has been exceptionally lame in the last few weeks (insert easy retort here), due to the lack of time to blog at home or here at my otherwise semi-productive office. Also, news on the Catholic front is slow, especially news relating to the traditional liturgy. And what news there has been is not exactly wonderful.

The former pastor at St. Raphael just got 80 months in prison; while not excusing the grave matter involved and the immorality of his intended actions, it is ironic that the act he was arrested was to have an email correspondence with a middle-aged sheriff pretending to be someone else. In deeply scandalous and unprecedented news, the palace of the Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels was sealed off and searched by Belgian authorities, as well as the residence of the former Archbishop, Cardinal Daneels (for the record, I will hasten to add there is no suspicion of the current Archbishop, sent to clean up the mess) to investigate child sexual abuse. The chickens are coming home to roost. If you don’t believe in the Holy Ghost, remember the not-that-long-ago buzz about Cardinal Daneels being papabile.

I try to avoid discussion these kinds of matters on my blog, as there is nothing good to be said. The evils inflicted by perpetrators are obvious, and it tends just to gin up an opportunity for some to heap opprobrium on the Church. The New Springtime obviously didn’t begin–if it has begun– in 1962, to say the least.

In short, sin has consequences. And prayer is constantly needed.