NLM has posted the Fota III conference notes of Dom Alban Nunn, highlighting the presentation of Fr. Samuel Weber, OSB, Director of the Archdiocese’s Institute of Sacred Music.

Fr. Weber’s talk is thus described:

The final day commenced with Dom Samuel Weber’s paper on the use of psalms. Extensive illustrations were provided with excerpts from the St Louis Gradual and the St Louis Hymnal for the Hours together with a bilingual edition of Compline. This presentation was essentially a practical exploration of what could be employed on the way to realizing a fuller use of the canonical psalter within the liturgy particularly in the proper texts which Fr Samuel identified as a particular concern in the thought of Benedict XVI.

Fr. Weber’s work in the Archdiocese is vital to bringing a greater sense of the sacred into the music of ordinary parish liturgy. It is exactly the kind of approach needed to bring liturgical music of today in line with the historical patrimony of the Church — including new liturgical texts set to classic chant and polyphonic settings in Latin and English.

It is nice to see Fr. Weber’s contributions continue to be acknowledged in the international arena. Hopefully, St. Louis knows what it has, too. Toward that end, I really hope this talk is covered in the Review. The conference was entirely dedicated to Pope Benedict’s vision of liturgical restoration, and in addition to Fr. Weber’s talk, the Archbishop Emeritus of Saint Louis gave a presentation and presided at Vespers.
It sure seems like a great local angle to an important universal Church event.