This article from the California Catholic Daily site concerns an Anglican minister who distributed communion to a dog as a “way of welcoming the stranger”. She has since apologized for her actions, which as you can imagine caused a stir in Anglican circles.

Though of course Christ is not present Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Anglican communion bread, it still seems a trifle inappropriate.

From the full article:

“Getting emails from Catholics”

Anglican cleric apologizes for giving communion to dog

Toronto, Canada, Jul 29, 2010 (CNA) — An Anglican female priest in Canada has apologized for offering communion to a dog after the incident added to already growing tensions within Anglican churches.

Last month, Donald Keith, 56, took his dog Trapper, a German Shepherd-Rhodesian Ridgeback crossbreed, into St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Toronto where Rev. Marguerite Rea was officiating. The man and his dog frequented the park outside the church.

An interim priest, Rea welcomed the two inside and offered communion to both Keith and Trapper.

One parishioner filed a formal complaint about the action with Anglican Bishop Patrick Yu. The parishioner has since left the congregation.

After the action became public last week, Rea apologized during her Sunday sermon to anyone who may have been hurt or embarrassed by her actions. She explained the initial gesture as a way of welcoming a stranger.


Keith told the National Post he thought the act was “small stuff” that made him think of the church’s annual blessing of the animals. “This has blown me away,” he said of the controversy. “The church is even getting emails from Catholics.” […]