The following letter to the editor appeared in last week’s St. Louis Review, and since I have taken the paper to task a bit lately, I thought I would help out by answering the reader’s letter in this space. The question, followed by my response:

Getting tired

Attending Mass lately has left me feeling very tired. I am tired of people sauntering into pews with no genuflection or even the popular bow. Where is the reverence for God’s house and God’s presence? I am tired of young people hunched over with hands on knees, heads down, not really paying attention. More attention is paid at a sporting event! I am tired of young children hanging on their parents, turning all around, not using books, and chewing gum and then going up to Communion.

Where is the respect or even awareness of what is really going on? I am tired of screamingly loud music and singing of songs that are anything but hymns. What are they doing in our Catholic church? Doesn’t God hear our prayers in the silence of our hearts? Is louder really better?

What on earth will our faith be like 20 years down the road? Will my young grandchildren have a strong faith to see them through life’s hard times? Singing and shaking hands will not do much when standing by a hospital bed. It all makes me sad and very tired.

P- D-

Dear P- D-,

Next Sunday, why not hit Mass at 2653 Ohio Ave., St. Louis, MO 63118?

In Christ,