The photos for this post were taken by a young lady named Rachel who is about to become a postulant with the Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest. Rachel previously posted an account of her visit to the motherhouse in Sieci (near Florence) earlier this year, as she explored the possibility of pursuing a vocation with the Sisters.

The post at her site is lengthy but well worth reading. She gives a unique insight not only into the Adorers, but also into a bit of the practical process involved as a soul discerns God’s plans for her.

A few small excerpts:

When I visit active congregations they keep me pretty busy and I usually can’t even find time to keep up with my diary. With the cloistered congregations I visit some of the nuns at the grill for an hour or so, and have the rest of the day to myself. The Adoratrices are in between, mostly contemplative but not strictly cloistered. They were founded to support the priests of the Institute, chiefly by prayer, but they also envision sending sisters out to some of the parishes to help the priests there in the sacristy or with catechism. Right now they’re almost all at the motherhouse, and I gather that the apostolate will have to wait until more of them have finished formation. In any case they intend that prayer and contemplative life will always be the main thing.


The Hours are chanted in Latin. In the morning they chant on that single high note that I encounter almost everywhere I visit– the bane of my second-alto existence. In the evening they do a really pretty chant accompanied by the organ. I was pleased by how much Latin I understood just from praying the same Psalms in English. If I could figure out one line from cognate words, I might recognize which Psalm it was, and that would help me figure out the rest of it.


I got to meet with Mother Caroline a few times once she got back from her travels. We went walking up the road together and she told me about the order and answered all my questions. They have a bunch of patron saints but it sounds like the one that most influences their spirituality is St. Francis de Sales. They don’t have much corporal penance but they try to accept everything that God sends them, every circumstance whether good or bad, for love of Him. That of course can be very hard. They do expect to be sending their American nuns back to America, but there’s no guarantee of that. Joining them means going wherever the superior sends.

And of course, you can learn about second breakfast, too, if you have a mind to do so.

I just thought it might be nice for many of the Institute’s friends who read this blog to see one practical result of prayers for vocations, and to encourage all of us to keep Rachel and the Sisters in constant prayer.