I still maintain that the best way to improve any community in this country is to cut both the public school budget and the police budget in half.

KMOV’s Craig Cheatham ran a story tonight about the excessive salaries pulled down by many area prison school wardens superintendents. You don’t see as many “progressives” lamenting the Potemkin-CEO compensation packages scored by these public servants. Check out the interactive map on the website to survey the relative looting.

The big winner in the Superintendent lottery comes from the 5,000 student Kirkwood school district, who draws a $242,000 annual salary, plus $42,000 in benefits, and a $500 a month transportation allowance.

I don’t know if this compensation package makes his district’s graduates any less likely to mindlessly follow the socialist diktats implanted by the state into its other (re)education programs. Maybe.

(But don’t worry– public education is FREE).