This painting is called “One Nation Under God”, by Jon McNaughton (click here for a greatly enlarged image, and the artist’s own take on the work).  It depicts Jesus Christ with the U.S. Constitution, surrounded by various hagiographic depictions of historical American figures.  The huddled masses, as it were, seem to be in awe of the document itself.

What do you think?  It seems pretty creepy to me.  Just as I would not limit Our Lord to be a super-duper Karl Marx, as the liberation theologians would have it, so I would not limit Him to be a front-man for the Constitution.  This is without regard to what the Constitution is or is not.  It strikes me, too, to have a sort of “Mormon” quality to the depiction of Christ.  You know, like you see in the less-good examples of their literature–“here Jesus is distributing communion to the native Americans who were really the lost tribe of Israel, etc.”  And, finally, what kind of traditional Catholic would I be if I didn’t admit to a certain level of discomfort with Christ surrounded by such a fawning representation of known Freemasons, freemasonic symbols, and a secular document drafted in large part by Freemasons.

Your thoughts in the combox.  Am I crazy?  Strike that question; I know the answer.  What do you think about the painting?