Imagine my delight yesterday on the Feast of Christ the King to receive the following email (purporting to be, at any rate) from Charles Jaco, local TV reporter.  Charles was kind enough to try to straighten me out in this email, with the subject line, “Mythology”:

I was referred to your site by someone else. I haven’t encountered such a collection of arcane superstition references since the last time I read Ambrose Bierce.

Do you do Norse and Greek mythology also? Or do you concentrate on folktales from the Middle Roman period?

Charles Jaco

I can’t be sure if Charles’ point was to highlight that he has heard of Ambrose Bierce (author of The Devil’s Dictionary, among other works), or rather to highlight that he would never have condescended to notice my blog if “someone else” hadn’t referred him, or maybe to try his hand at humor.

I began to feel a little sorry for him that such a celebrity would think it necessary to send a sarcastic email to a two-bit blog, but in all fairness I did allude to him as the Russ Carnahan of journalists, and that had to sting.

Regardless, I can only respond with gratitude to him, as his email provides a keen insight into just how it is possible for him to provide such accurate and unbiased reporting about the Catholic Faith.

It goes without saying that I couldn’t see Charles writing such an email to a blog with the title “Saint Louis Muslim” or “Saint Louis Hebrew” without fearing for his continued employment.  But of course, the sacred cows of the enlightened left may never be touched.

I really hope Charles was going for humor.  As I have blogged before, it doesn’t come easily to progressives.  And though it wasn’t exactly funny, I do appreciate the effort.  Visit the site anytime!