As the title suggests, here we go…

1.  The rest of the numbered items in this post are made if we assume that the election:  a) matters at all; and,  b) more or less reflects actual ballots cast– and I would not bet my house on either of those assumptions.

2.  Why do people continually stand for how the city of St. Louis conducts its ballot reporting?  Every election, the city inevitably is the last area to report its totals.  They simply wait and see just how many votes are needed to bring about the socialist outcome, and Voila!, there it is.  Russ Carnahan needs how many votes you say?  Well, here they are.  Forget the initiative petitions on the earnings tax– how about an initiative petition that prohibits any political subdivision from reporting any election results until every city precinct is in and tallied? 

3.  Looking at Russ Carnahan “victory” headquarters, it sure was obvious just how little popular support he has at the taxpayer level.  He and Robin were practically alone in a huge ballroom, with few supporters around– mostly Democratic hacks and the thugs who I guess “got out the vote”, however that “vote” was “gotten”.  I feel for Ed Martin, a Catholic who is not ashamed of his religion, and who ran a really great campaign.  There are no symbolic victories in this game.  But I think Ed or any other decent candidate would beat this guy, typical vote fraud included, if Carnahan were required to actually speak for at least ten seconds in any election ad he ran.  His sister Robin got smoked, but I noted that she could string three coherent sentences together.  Russ Carnahan runs on union and baby-killing money, plain and simple.

4.  This is nothing new, of course, but I still have a hard time seeing Catholic neighbors’ yards hosting pro-abortion candidate signs. 

5.  It looks as though my dream of opening a puppy mill took a severe hit.  I don’t know, “Michael Vick/Timman Enterprises” will have to look for a new venture.  Too bad the proposition wasn’t about guilting people about cat breeders.  I can’t imagine such a proposition getting 5% of the vote.  It’s all most people can do to refrain from kicking cats when they see them on the street.  No hate mail, please!

6.  “Alexi’s got a really big heart.”  But no Senate seat.  Sorry, mom.  Still, my favorite commercial of the season.  And I will give Alexi credit– he was the only Democrat bold (or stupid) enough to have B. and M. Dear Leader actually appear in his ads.  At least he didn’t hide what he was about.

7.  I wonder if anyone will ever start an initiative campaign to get rid of electronic voting.  A computerized vote is no vote at all– at least not one that can be easily defended from fraud.  Election fraud does not have to take the form of Jet Banks finding ballot boxes on the sidewalk, as in years past.  Now, a few clicks, and you can manipulate multiple votes, even months ahead of an election. It all smells.  It makes you wonder if the “hanging chad” debacle wasn’t merely for public consumption, does it not?  Just like the so-called underwear bomber, who “luckily” was “caught” before his “bomb” could go off, allowing the feds to put porno-scanners already on order into airport screening, the electronic ballot was quickly and easily achieved.  And mail-in ballots, too, are easy fraud vehicles.  But one party’s fraud is another party’s “get out the vote”.  And any attempt to eliminate these or the electronic ballots will have to be voted on, the votes of which are counted by electronic and mailed-in ballots.  Good luck.

8.  If the city’s earnings tax does get repealed, the city is gone.  The corrupt and bloated city government will have to shift from taxing the earnings of actually-working people from the city and several counties, and shift it to: a) the sales tax; b) the property tax; and/or c) the corporate/business tax.  Any one of these would be a killer.   The real property taxes would not just cripple homeowners in the conventional way but would also bring real estate sales to a grinding halt.  If the sales tax goes way up even fewer people would buy in the city.  And businesses would pack up and go if their taxes were hit.  In brief, you’re looking at the new Detroit.

9.  The winners of the Illinois and Missouri Senate seats may indeed be the lesser two of four evils, but they don’t exactly give out an aura of integrity, either.

10.  Finally, it is nice to see real change in this election.  The House has passed from one spending-happy, liberty-strangling, war-mongering political party to the other one.  Woo hoo!