A new act may have opened on the Marek Bozek circus. I have heard rumors that Mr. Bozek has been long coveting the title of Bishop; current and former parishioners send me items from time to time, and the Bozek as Bishop drama has long been in the works.

You will recall that Mr. Bozek tried to latch on with the Moonie-backed pseudo-Catholic outfit headed by the excommunicated Archbishop Milingo, the new defunct RCC, and the so-called “Polish Catholic Church”. Years ago a source told me that they saw a bishop’s ring and crosier in the rectory at St. Stan’s. While I didn’t disbelieve it, I couldn’t front for the veracity of the claim.

However, there is now some evidence for public examination. If you examine the picture above, which was sent to me from another source, you will see that Mr. Bozek is wearing a peculiar kind of cassock. Look at the buttons and piping, and you see a cassock worn by prelates– monsignors or bishops. Is this just a style choice, or is Bozek now pretending to be a Catholic bishop? This was taken around All Souls’ Day this year.

The flirting with several heretical and schismatic groups is documented. The rumor of illicit ordinations occurring behind closed doors at St. Stan’s has also been the subject of news stories.

Based on emails from a lot of different sources with interest in St. Stan’s, it is clear that the former parish is dying out– “faster than it did” before the split, one says. Three Masses on Sundays draw fewer than 100 persons in all.

There are other things alleged to be going on at St. Stan’s that I won’t print until I can prove them on more than hearsay. We know that the former parish and its leader support gay marriage, divorce and remarriage, open communion, communal penance and absolution, and operating under the false pretense of being Catholic when the parish was suppressed and several leaders, including the pseudo-pastor, were excommunicated. You can imagine the mess.

It truly is a circus.

The Archdiocese needs to bring this show to a close. If it wins the lawsuit, rebuilding this parish will be a herculean task. Who knows when Mr. Bozek will announce his new pretend status, or reveal the identities of those new priests (real or otherwise) whom he has ordained.

I wonder what the attendance at Christmas Eve 2010 will be, and whether the local press will be there to report on the fruits of schism five years later.