I am the vine: you the branches. He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same beareth much fruit: for without me you can do nothing. If any one abide not in me, he shall be cast forth as a branch and shall wither: and they shall gather him up and cast him into the fire: and he burneth.

John 15:5-6

One of the things I have to ask myself before posting another St. Stan’s post– and I am sure many readers ask themselves before reading it, too– is this: Why? What is the point of beating the deadest of dead horses?

I agree with the general sentiment that those Catholics who wish to remain Catholic and who have read this blog are sufficiently warned about Mr. Bozek and the very real schism at St. Stanislaus Kostka. I think that Mr. Bozek has been sufficiently made aware of the grave evils he has committed and continues to further there. His own Ordinary and two Archbishops of Saint Louis have made it clear that he risks his own soul and the souls of those he pretends to lead. His resistance to the calls of grace is public.

As the lawsuit by the Archdiocese progresses, there are the usual settlement talks, and as these settlement talks progress I am getting lots of communication from various places about the state of matters. But really, until there is news of a settlement there is no need to beat the dead horse.

However, the above photo depicts a gravely immoral act, and must be made known for the sake of anyone left at St. Stan’s who “just wants to be Catholic”, and for the sake of the faithful of the Archdiocese so they may know that this determined action to rid the local Church of this false shepherd is necessary, and must be successfully concluded. Call it one last effort to get the truth out about the nature of the St. Stan’s schism.

The above photo depicts Bozek consecrating bread and wine along with ministers from the Lutheran and Church of the Advent sects; apparently, they are “co-consecrating” the species (though of course in the case of the Lutheran deaconess this is impossible, and unless the other two are degraded Catholic priests like Mr. Bozek himself, it is also impossible for them).

This is called communicatio in sacris (communion in sacred things). It presumes an ecclesiastical communion between the Catholic Church and the other Church or ecclesial body which does not exist. It is therefore both fraudulent and gravely immoral. Bozek is setting the example in public that a self-professed Catholic may take communion with non-Catholics; worse, still, he is saying that it is acceptable for a Catholic priest to provide communion to non-Catholics; worst of all, he is equating the power and authority to consecrate bread and wine to effect the transubstantiation of this matter into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ with the office of Lutheran or other Protestant minister.

Canon 908
It is forbidden for Catholic priests to concelebrate the Euchar
ist with priests or ministers of churches or ecclesial communities which are not in full communion with the Catholic Church.

Canon 1365
A person guilty of prohibited participation in sacred rites (communicatio in sacris) is to be punished with a just penalty.

It is time for the remnant of sincere Catholics at St. Stan’s to get rid of this man.

But, you say, perhaps the Board of St. Stan’s is unaware of these activities. Bozek attended the women’s sorta-nation on the sly, right? Well, this photo shows, among others, the current head of the Board of Directors at St. Stan’s. So much for invincible ignorance.

So, now we know that Bozek has attempted to affiliate himself and the duped congregation of St. Stan’s with the following groups: Reformed Catholic Church (which group supports homosexual and married priests), MarriedPriest Now! (which group is affiliated with the Reunification Church of Reverend Moon), Roman Catholic WomenPriest (and its fourteen or so angry feminist member/”priestesses”), the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (that has a local support group of disaffected persons, and supports homosexual and women priests), the so-called Polish Catholic Church (a group in Poland) and the latest is, according to one source, the Reformed Catholic Communion which he and two other former priests are establishing.

No one seems to want him except, ironically enough, the one Church he refuses to heed– the Catholic Church.

He dresses like a bishop, and yet, I cannot confirm that he has become one, even as defined by some other schismatic or heretical sect.

He has been offered a severance/settlement package to leave St. Stan’s, this much we know through the Archdiocese and sources within St. Stan’s. The amount of money alleged varies from the ridiculous to the less ridiculous (800K? 150K?). He was nearly ousted by the Board last year; he was nearly voted out by the congregation this year. Each time, the rebels lifted him out of the fire in the nick of time.

The time has come, St. Stan’s, to finally rid yourselves of a pernicious usurper. He has wasted your parish. Whatever deal is on the table from the Archdiocese, take it.