Hi, everyone, welcome to a lovely Monday Midwest weather day. I am getting a kick out of the combox discussion on the Colleen Hammond post about previous USCCB statements in favor of eventual disarmament of the American public. There is so much sloganeering in what passes for political discourse today that one can’t hold a given opinion on some issue– like the Second Amendment in this case– without being told that one then must hold a whole set of predetermined positions on other issues that have nothing to do with it. I do enjoy a chuckle when someone writes in that I am a Republican, or that I seek to advance the Bush agenda. On the other hand, I also enjoy when some, more partial to President Bush, accuse me of blaming America first or not loving my country.

Let’s just deal with each issue as it comes. Though you may not believe it, I actually try to refrain from political posts. The ones I post are because sometimes I just can’t help it.

When my mother found out I had a blog, and then much later when she finally understood what a blog is, she asked me who would want to read what I have to say. A good question. So I told her that it appeals to everyone– everyone, that is, who is a Traditional Mass-loving Catholic who likes scholastic theology and philosophy, enjoys outdoorsy sports, hates “Gather Us In” and “Table of Plenty” with equal vigor, gets all geeky over liturgical vestments and history, likes to forecast the exact date of the end of Western Civilization, buys flour by the ton, reads Benson, Chesterton, Connolly, Bryson, Waugh and a select other few writers of fiction, loves St. Francis de Sales and Blessed Columba Marmion, is still upset about the English Martyrs, likes Rush and the Cranberries, thinks what passes for ecumenism is a plague, suspects that shaking hands at the sign of peace is a Communist plot, is more than reasonably suspicious of the police, loves the Church, loves the Pope, and loves the relatively few but growing number of staunch shepherds in the Church, and thinks the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (especially) and other “traditional” groups are the leaven of the Church.

You know, the typical Catholic of today.

All seven of you.