Rorate Caeli is sounding the alarm about the rumored and long-awaited “clarification” or “instruction” letter on the implementation of the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum. The site says that the current, unreleased text is greatly restrictive, and that it reverts to an “indult” mentality to the great contradiction of the text and intent of the motu proprio.

I post this link with some misgivings, and of course with a sense of irony, since concurrent with this posting on the state of the rumor mill I will give a warning about listening to rumors.

This is all very reminiscent to the build-up to Summorum Pontificum itself. Lots of rumors, even on the very eve of release, predicting gloom or glee. But, generally, Rorate Caeli was very close to the mark then, so I will give them some credit here.

Of course, any attempt to water down legislation with non-legislative directions will be greatly disappointing. Before the motu proprio–which only confirmed what was already true, that the Mass was not abrogated– the traditional Catholic evangelist had to almost have a doctorate in Canon Law or Sacramental Theology to be able to explicate the proof. I’d hate to have to revert to those days, but hey, read my post on veils if you think I’ll shrink from it.

Hence, I think it is worth noting this post, without getting too excited just yet. And above all, pray for the Holy Father, and ask Our Lady to protect and preserve the Church from error and heresy.