Before we get any funny comments to the effect of “you can’t weaken zero credibility” or the like, let me explain. The USCCB has made some small strides in recent decades to regain its voice on the important moral issues facing the country. The Conference has elected more orthodox bishops to some important positions, for one. And an increasing number, though still a minority, of U.S. bishops have stood strong in matters like pro-life issues, the preservation of Catholic identity in a pluralistic society, and the sanctity of marriage.

Of course, the USCCB bureaucracy, even in the absence of competing statements from less orthodox bishops, does its best to weaken, confuse, and make impotent any statement from the conference that doesn’t toe the socialist-leftist line. But, like I said, there is some progress.

Which leads me to this story. Though the new ice age, er, global warming, er, “climate change” scam has long ago been discovered and rejected by scientists not on the government dole, and most normal people to boot, the USCCB has seen fit to revise and restate its support for destroying the middle class, trampling private property rights and otherwise making an offering to the Moloch of the State by standing by the party line on this made-up problem.

A sample:

“Protecting God’s Creation and ‘the least of these’ requires urgent, wise and bold action,” according to the policy statement. “Well-designed climate change policies can both help address climate change and protect the most vulnerable. Most comprehensive policy and legislative approaches to address climate change would generate substantial revenue by putting a price on carbon emissions. The United States bishops insist that a significant portion of these resources be used to minimize the disproportionate burdens felt by those least able to cope with the impacts of climate change and policies to address it.”

This kind of nonsense can get very discouraging to a Catholic who loves the Church and is trying to make it to Heaven. Doctrine is ignored by the sheep in part because there is no attempt to teach it, to maintain it or to defend it– or else it is forced to take a backseat to purely political pronouncements.

I was going to chalk this one up as just one more in a long line of disappointing statements, but when I read the comments to the Catholic Culture article it motivated me to post. I post some below, not to agree or disagree with them (though just guess if I do), but to point out how Catholics view the Conference when it wades into waters like these:

–I certainly hope the bishops are going to give us an authoritative statement on the correct temperature of the earth, the correct level of activity of the sun, the correct amount of cloud cover, the correct temperature of the oceans. Without their inspired guidance, how will we know how much climate change we should allow? If the bishops are not going to provide this vital information, then I respectfully ask that they attend to their real jobs which have been woefully neglected for 50 years.

–The bishops continue to pontificate (pun intended) on political issues beyond their expertise and the faithful still wait for moral leadership.

–Great! Since we have been saving mucho $$ since we started mitigating CC in 1990, I would suggest people could use part of such savings to help the poor. That would be better than doing a Cain job on CC & its science, & in effect profligately burning one’s money in the front yard & ending up in a place a lot hotter than a globally warmed world for all eternity, no less.

–Ah, yes. The science of the climate change debate is specifically addressed in both Scripture and Tradition. No? Maybe he bishops should worry about appallingly poor catechesis, and those who speak in the name of the Church in their official positions and yet deny Catholic teachings? Just a thought.

Our Church, her institutions and her mission are under increasing attack in this country. Catholics need their Bishops to lead them and to defend them. Fronting for the climate change scam is not going to make the USCCB more likely to be taken seriously when real moral issues are in play.
But is that the goal? Or is it to placate the Hindus?