Entrance procession at tonight’s Mass

Thanks to reader Phil, who sent the following photos from the past several days at St. Francis de Sales, where Monsignor Wach led a retreat for U.S. priests and oblates. Prior General of the Institute, Monsignor Gilles Wach, celebrated Solemn High Mass to begin and end the retreat. Give or take a few, I estimate 16 Canons, most of whom are stationed in the United States, but who hail from France, USA, Austria, Germany, Argentina, Spain, Italy, and Brazil. Before the closing Mass tonight, there were three ceremonies: one receiving a priest who became affiliated with the Institute, one bestowing upon an Oblate his cassock, and one bestowing the cross of St. Francis de Sales upon a family who became members of the Society of the Sacred Heart, the Institute’s lay society.

Farewell to all our visitors. Come back soon.

Canon Stein’s sermon on the deadly sin of Greed, from Sunday’s Mass
Processing out, new “Institute blue” cassocks

Monsignor Wach speaks, with Canon Huberfeld interpreting

That translation better be right!

Canon Stein gives a presentation on the Institute’s missions in Gabon

Before Mass tonight, an Oblate receives his cassock

Canon Talarico’s sermon tonight on the Psalms as the joy of the Institute family, united in the public prayer of the Church