What is with the current zeitgeist to bludgeon children over the head with anti-“bullying” propaganda at the government prisons schools?  Is the pro-sodomy campaign yesterday’s news?

Did anybody else see The King’s Speech, and then every time when Winston Churchill appeared on screen, say in a loud whisper, “What a monster!”?

Was that insta-crowd outside Pennsylvania Avenue on Sunday night the phoniest popular front since the Wisconsin Union thugs took over the state house?

How do you you like your Peeps in Eastertide– intentionally stale, goo-ily fresh, or frozen?

What is the going rate for teeth given by the Tooth Fairy in your house? 

Is playing basketball in a skirt really that comfortable, ladies?  And is it strictly necessary?

Whoppers– yes or no?

Why are there so many English variations of the St. Michael prayer?

What’s the current pool on the next country the U.S. will invade?  Can we just stop for a while?

What is the noblest profession or vocation– after lawyer?

Is there something in dry cleaning chemicals that attracts children’s sticky hands and faces like a magnet?

Is it just me, or does Dave Murray really, really love the weather?