The title of this post is taken from the title of an article at Lifesite by Monsignor Richard Foy.  The title is intended to be provocative, because the betrayal refers not to what secular society would see as discrimination against homosexuals, but rather refers to the selling short of persons who suffer greatly in their struggle with same-sex attraction.  Many persons have a great desire to live chastely according to the natural law and the truth of human sexuality, yet our completely sex-saturated, self-centered, violent society gives every incentive to people to give into immoral acts, an unhealthy lifestyle and great unhappiness.

The article begins with a quote by the great Cardinal Raymond Burke, a man whose pastoral sensitivity to those with same-sex attractions will never, NEVER be recognized (let alone adequately recognized) by the secular press– or for that matter, the lefty Catholic press.  He states the nature of the current problem pretty well:

“We see before our eyes the evil fruits of life in a society which pretends to take the place of God in making its laws and in giving its judgments, in a society in which those in power decide what is right and just, according to their desires and convenience, even at the cost of perpetrating the gravest harm upon their neighbour.”

As usual, His Eminence nails it.  We all face struggles against temptation.  Faithful Catholics face a daily fight against a world that hates them for what they are.  But as tough as that is, I can’t imagine the difficulty of having this particular temptation and striving to lead a chaste life.  Those who fight it, and those who are misled by the “tolerance” crowd, need our prayers.  And we need more shepherds who will teach the truth with charity.

Those (mostly) well-meaning Catholics who want to be “accepting” of the “gay lifestyle” are harming those they want to help.  Every human being deserves the truth, and we must charitably provide it.  Encouraging gravely immoral acts under the guise of an outreach ministry, as we see in some self-described Catholic parishes, is really a way of confirming people in error.  It doesn’t help them, and it doesn’t help us.

The use of the term “pride” in the so-called gay rights “movement” is a very telling, very accurate descriptor.  Pride is not needed; pride goes before the fall.  But humility is in short supply, as is love of neighbor.

The full article is here.