Good morning everyone, and welcome to the new week. There are lots of things happening in the local and universal Church to keep an eye on this week, so stay tuned.

First up, I want to ask readers of this blog for prayers for Bishop Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph, and for his diocese.  As the ubiquitous reader from SNAP likes to remind me, I don’t often post about abuse claims, real or otherwise.  Why?  Well, number one, I never have all the facts.  Two, the subject matter is as depressing as all get out; either the claim is true, which means the most horrendous crimes have happened to people whose innocence is robbed, or else the claim is false, which means that people’s good name and vocation are robbed.  The abuse crisis itself is not news in the sense that it was unknown until now.  The story really broke as a macro event in 2002 or so, if memory serves.  In any event, it just seems like picking over the bones of misery.

Also, I have made no secret when I have discussed the topic that I am of the firm belief that those priests who have betrayed their vocations, their trust, and their flock are symptoms of the aftermath of the last Council, when the faith of many was shaken.  If you look for the fruits of zero catechesis (or worse yet, the modernism that infects so many seminaries) and accommodation to the secular world, here it is.  That is not to say that any particular priest could not fall, orthodox or no– of course we are all sinners and everyone can fall if not sustained by the grace of God.  Yet, if we focus on the big picture, I stand by my opinion.

Which brings us to Kansas City.  I will not attempt to explain the situation, nor defend events I don’t understand.  I don’t know what exactly happened in the current imbroglio surrounding Bishop Finn.  I know two things.  One, Kansas Catholic is doing his utmost to defend the Bishop from the sharks in the press, and you can read about his efforts in multiple posts there.  I give the general link, and you can scroll through as much as you like and decide for yourself.  Two, Bishop Finn is doing much to reform a Diocese that was super-rank with heresy and apostasy when he got there, and is still plagued by it.  He is a target for all kinds of reasons not relating to any of this.

And so I ask your prayers for him.