UPDATE:  June 14 at 5:15pm– The event is definitely cancelled.  Good call.

St. Patrick Center, a Catholic charity that provides assistance to homeless people, is partnering with Hooter’s, a restaurant known for its immodestly-clad waitresses, to raise money for the Center.  St. Patrick Center’s website cites its adherence to Catholic social teaching in its work.  I am unfamiliar with just where in the long history of Catholic social teaching it proclaims that encouraging the lusts of men is morally good as long as you can get a few bucks for a charity.

From its website:

Our Spirituality Statement
In solidarity with the traditional social teaching of the Catholic Church, St. Patrick Center embraces the attitude of Jesus as servant to the poor. We espouse a spirituality that places our clients at the center of all decisions. 

St. Patrick Center will work with our clients in a holistic manner: honoring their dignity and human rights; listening to each individual; providing for emotional, physical and spiritual needs; and creating an environment that encourages all to be the best they can be.

Why would St. Patrick’s be so solicitous to honor the dignity of its clients yet at the same time show such callous indifference to the dignity of the women who work at Hooter’s, who are exploited by their employers and customers.  For exploited they are, whether they realize it or not, or whether they even care.  This event does not comport with St. Patrick’s mission to encourage “an environment that encourages all to be the best they can be.”

This type of thing is reminiscent of the decision of the board of Cardinal Glennon hospital years ago when it defied Cardinal Burke to partner with a celebrity who publicly endorsed human cloning and abortion in order to raise money for its cause.

Of course, all that matters is that money is raised for the charity, right?  If this story, sent to me by the intrepid Jeff Geerling at Life is a Prayer, gets picked up by the mainstream press in this town, look for commenters (at least those who refrain from profane, blasphemous attacks on the Church) to say exactly that.

What’s next?  St. Patrick Center night at the Hustler Club?

This is remarkably shocking, even considering that hardly anything shocks these days.