Multiple sources have confirmed that the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, which has been a regular part of the Sunday and Holy Day Mass schedule at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish, will soon be discontinued.  
The CDF’s instruction Universae Ecclesiae, providing norms of implementation for the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, sums up the reasons why the Holy Father enacted the motu proprio.  Its aims are as follows:

a.) offering to all the faithful the Roman Liturgy in the Usus Antiquior [SLC note: the Extraordinary Form], considered as a precious treasure to be preserved;

b.) effectively guaranteeing and ensuring the use of the forma extraordinaria for all who ask for it, given that the use of the 1962 Roman Liturgy is a faculty generously granted for the good of the faithful and therefore is to be interpreted in a sense favourable to the faithful who are its principal addressees;

c.) promoting reconciliation at the heart of the Church.

No word yet on whether any parish in South County or elsewhere will take on this important apostolate.  I say apostolate, because even though any priest may say the EF by right, and even though the Holy Father has encouraged parishes to provide both Forms, the reality is that St. Elizabeth’s is one of few to provide the EF in a “normal” parish setting.

It is no secret that I believe the process of liturgical renewal and restoration is best served by the Extraordinary Form spreading throughout the life of the Church.  The universality of the EF is explicitly confirmed by Universae Ecclesiae.  However, though every Catholic has the right to assist at this Form, they may never know of it unless it is made available in the neighborhood parish. 

This is not to slight the importance of regional or diocesan centers dedicated solely to the EF; St. Louis has two such oratories.  But the theological and moral problems in the Church today will only effectively be addressed when both Forms of the Mass are celebrated as the Church desires.  It is my opinion that the best hope that the OF will be so celebrated lies in the widespread availability of the EF.

This is a matter for prayer.  I will post more information as it comes to light.