New Liturgical Movement has a very nice post on the Exequies of Archduke Otto of Austria here.

And Rorate Caeli has a great post on the 75th Anniversary of the alzamiento in Spain, when Communists began in earnest to try to destroy the Church in that country. Countless martyrs, including many clergy, were victimized in that brutal repression. I especially enjoyed that Rorate posted the radio message of Pope Pius XII to the Spanish people in 1939, when the communists were finally defeated.

If anyone tries to soft sell you into thinking heroically of the “Republican” forces in the Spanish Civil War, or if you are tempted to retreat into the “both sides were imperfect” dodge, remember that no historical battle on earth was ever fought with entirely unspotted troops, and instead remember this image, which I have posted here before, that sums up the Republican cause in that war: