I post this little “gem”, word-for-word, from an entry in the bulletin of a parish in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis.  I can only hope the author’s description of the “post-Vatican II” Mass is at least as inaccurate as his description of the “pre-Vatican II” Mass. I leave it for you to decide.  I’ll be the “audience”:
New Translation

“Liturgy Means…”

Your view and lived reality of liturgy will depend on your age.  Let us say if you were born before 1948, you are Pre-Vatican II.  Those born between, 1949-1970, are Vatican II.  Those born after 1970 are experiencing the changes of liturgy without experiencing a pre-Vatican liturgy!  What are the challenges facing all of us today facing the current “word” changes.  To have people embrace it fully and pray, will take time, but it is possible.  We can’t concentrate on the changes and forget to pray, we must always be a Church of prayer.  Use this image to help:  you have a director, actor and audience.  Pre-Vatican II people saw the director as God, actor as priest, and audience as the people.  Now, Post-Vatican II sees the director as priest, actors as the people, and the audience is God.  Have you changed your mind set, from being audience to being actors?  “Liturgy” means the work of the people.  Therefore, we need to “work”, we just don’t come to the Church and observe!!!