Today brings a remarkable collection of stories of interest from our local newspaper of record:

1.  The police officer who wished a local drunk a Happy New Year in this video has been exonerated of any wrongdoing (although the sergeant who told him not to file a required report is retiring).

2.  In a story I won’t link, or even explain all that much due to the grotesque content, an owner of an “S&M” club seeks city approval of what would be the first such legal “for-profit” enterprise in Missouri.  If you must read the story, search STLToday for yourself.  I post about it because a supporter “sees [the] effort as a civil rights issue.”[He] is definitely pushing the envelope in order to make things more mainstream,” she said.

Hmmm, a “civil rights issue” done “in order to make things more mainstream.”  Does that sound familiar?  That brings us to two more stories…

3.  Nearly one-fourth of “gay-couple” households in the area are raising kids.  I suspect that DCFS isn’t that concerned.

4.  Following the lead of the department of redundancy department’s favorite burg (the City of University City), the more pedestrian-named City of Olivette now has passed two so-called “gay-rights” measures, including a domestic partner registry.

And who says there isn’t any good news anymore?