Never can I let the feast of this great saint and holy deacon go by without thinking that perhaps an ironic sense of humor is not merely endured by Our Lord but maybe, just maybe, is an affirmative gift from Him.  You likely already know well his famous line, after being tortured on the gridiron, to the effect that “You can turn me over now, I’m done on this side.”

I do not presume to have the strength or faith or perseverance to endure martyrdom– and of course, any martyr is given the grace from God to be one.  So, I will not make any predictions, nor ask for the opportunity.  But, if– and I say if– I am to be martyred, if I could crack a one-liner half as good as St. Lawrence’s, it might increase the brightness of the crown in heaven.

I also wanted to thank all readers of this blog, particularly those who have been regular and “loyal” readers for years (that number recently reduced by one, alas).  In the comboxes, and God knows in your families and circles of acquaintances, you already witness for your faith every day.  This blog may sometimes inform that effort, but more so it is a reflection of it. Your efforts, your concerns, your faith, all these help me more than you know, and I appreciate the encouragement.

May St. Lawrence pray for us all; should trends continue the times may become as rough for the Church as they were in his day.  But whatever times may come, may he be our shield and intercessor.

St. Lawrence, pray for us!