I’ve been driving all over the state recently, and I got to thinking.  That sort of thing usually gets me in trouble.

Maybe you can help me out.  Feel free to answer any or all of the following questions in the combox:

1.  How far (in minutes) would you consider it too far to visit a good friend on a:
a) daily
b) weekly
c) monthly
d) yearly


2.  Why are the Hosts I’ve received in most EF locations I’ve visited thinner, lighter and melt-ier than in the OF locations?

3.  What is the best Catholic novel of all time (and please do not include scripture in this category)?

4.  What is the best Catholic movie of all time?

5.  The best church you’ve actually visited:
a) in the US
b) in the world

and why?

6.  Who is your confirmation Saint and why did you choose him or her?

7.  Do you think the Review will hire me for its “New Media Journalist” position?