Hey pal, you got any illegal nachos in there?

And to me, that is the story.

The Green Bay Packers will use TSA-style wands to search every person seeking to enter the stadium to watch a football game.  No big deal.  After all, they’re not doing body-cavity searches, pat-downs, or porno-scanners, right?

It’s all about keeping people safe, right?

After all, because there were exactly zero incidents of mass violence in the last fifty years at Lambeau without any body searches, it stands to reason that we should have them now.

But I guess I’m alone in thinking that the indignities to which we will submit to live our ordinary lives at least merits recognition.  If terrorists can strike Lambeau, they can strike your supermarket.  They can hit the little league game.  They could even be UNDER. YOUR. BED!

Checkpoints, searches, conformity under threat– these are characteristics of a police state.

Enjoy the game.