Tina from Snup’s View from the Back Pew has provided Catholics the invaluable service of assuring them that liturgical crimes are not the exclusive province of St. Cronan.  Of course, we are thus also assured that we can never say, “Hey, this is as low as they can go.” 

Read the whole post.  Excerpts here:

When I first walked into the church I was dumbfounded.  Speechless.


Sts. Peter and Paul is over 175 years old I believe.  It has a long nave.  It was a very traditional looking church.  It’s the same style as St. Francis de Sales.

What did they do to this church?  They ripped out all the pews and put them in a circle around some point, which they put an altar.  There’s no sanctuary anymore.  Oh.  and then they put the pews on steps.    I felt like I was in an old autopsy room, looking down on an autopsy.  And because the pews were on risers…there was no way to get around them unless you cut through the “sanctuary” so if you wanted out, you had to move all over people.  Oh and there’s no kneelers.  Let’s take a look shall we?


…Eucharistic Prayer III and there were no bells.  Everyone stood throughout the Liturgy of the Eucharist (no kneelers).  There was handholding at the Our Father and lots of huggy and such at the Sign of Peace…
Thanks, Tina, sounds great!