Speaking in purely human terms, the foundation of society is the family.  And this foundation, in turn, rests on two pillars that make family life possible:  marriage and procreation.  Stated otherwise: monogamy and fecundity.

And there is only one institution, human or Divine, that stands for the protection of both of these pillars.  It is the Divine institution that is the Roman Catholic Church.  She is the faithful Bride of Christ who remains true to her Divine Spouse.

Fr. Edward Richard, the brilliant moral theologian, late of St. Louis, has written an excellent post on his blog about the attacks on marriage and procreation.  He decries the universal attempt by proponents of sodomitical “marriage” and of abortion and contraception to draw a moral equivalency between these causes and the civil rights movement.  Excerpts below, but the entire post is worth a careful read:

Looking for the Wrong Rights Will End Life and Religious Freedom

Just recently, the Executive Branch of the US Government authorized the Department of Defense to allow its chaplains to celebrate so-called marriages of same sex couples wherever it is allowed by state law. Archbishop Broglio of the Archdiocese for Military Services said under no circumstances will Catholic chaplains witness so-called same sex marriages. Archbishop Broglio also noted that he did not see how the administration could authorize such unions when Federal Law prohibits it in the Defense of Marriage Act.

Recently, as well, the executive branch has drafted new guidelines which could require catholic doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals, even those working in Catholic hospitals and in the institutions themselves, to perform direct sterilizations and abortions.

You might not think that so-called same sex marriage and these other issues are related, but I can tell you that many people who study these things in our society know they are.


Frankly, it is difficult to see how these troubling developments in the government do not constitute a direct attack on religion, particularly Christians, and especially Catholics. There appears to be little effort in these new guidelines that provide for genuine respect of conscience in such a way that we would not be required to participate in these moral evils. As you may know, already in some major metropolitan areas Catholic Charities has been forced to remove itself from placing babies for adoption because of state laws that require that we place them with same sex couples.

As we consider these things, we realize that we are speaking of the institution of marriage, the meaning of sexuality, and the freedom of man and woman to fulfill their parental role. Marriage and child bearing as a holy institution has always been the subject of attack, even in the time of Jesus. When the Pharisees approach Jesus about the question of divorce, as is reported in Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus tells them that Moses allowed divorce due to the hardness of their hearts but it was not so from the beginning when God created man and woman and instituted marriage. Jesus, of course, makes it clear that what God has joined, no man can separate.

Very early in the Church, St. Augustine defended marriage as a holy institution against those who saw marriage and child-bearing in all sorts of strange ways. Some of his opponents considered conception of a child as an imprisonment of a divine spirit. Others thought that men and women ought to be able to engage in every sort of strange act without consequence.

Later on, the Council of Trent spoke of the importance of marriage as a holy institution. It was for the sanctification of the spouses through their mutual love. It was not intended as a remedy for concupiscence as some of the reformers taught.


The rise of the push for birth control was completely tied up with the attempts by various racist and elitist organizations to root out of society people they considered to be undesirable. 26 states in the United States, because of the efforts of such groups, drafted legislation that forced certain people to be sterilized. These laws were upheld by the US Supreme Court I the 1920’s. In one important case, Buck v. Bell, a case from Virginia in which the state’s eugenics officer wanted to sterilize a young woman, Justice OW Holmes Jr. upheld the law saying that “It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind…Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”

It is not surprising that we do not learn about these things in our history books. They are just kept quiet because they arose out of the Progressivist Movement that is so popular today.[…]