Saint Louis Catholic has decided to branch out into the tech business to address one of the serious problems facing baseball today.

Here is a great idea for those otherwise contending teams who are plagued by 1970s telephone technology: the iBullpen App.

With the touch of one button, you can initiate secure text messaging communication with your bullpen coach to select a pitcher of your choice!  You can order him to do nearly unlimited activities:

  • Warm up
  • Enter the game to pitch
  • Enter the game to intentionally walk someone
  • Hand the iPhone to somebody else
  • Interpret manager’s grunts into plain English

And much, much more!!

This baby is also equipped with a camera, so the manager can actually view the pitcher who is warming up to ensure accuracy.  If your team is plagued by a manager who is a genius, there is a bench coach override function– turning the manager’s iBullpen into a harmless game of Angry Birds.

All for the low, low price of $19.95!  Get yours today at the AppStore!

And coming soon:  iHitandRun! (Pujols Gold Edition)