If you live in the Saint Louis area, and do not make plans to attend next year’s Second Annual Gaudete Benefit Gala, you have only yourself to blame.

This year’s event was held Saturday night at St. Francis de Sales Oratory.  I expected it to be nice, but it exceeded my expectations by fifty-fold.  The atmosphere, music, food and drinks, not to mention the company, were all first rate.  It is truly amazing how well the choirs and orchestra sounded.  The program was extensive, and the interspersion of music with the cocktail hour, meal courses, and conversation was really well done.  Very classy, in every respect.

Well, I liked it, anyway.  This year’s event was sold out.  I’m thinking there need to be more tables added next year to meet the demand.  For the cost of admission, it beat a holiday concert at the Fox or Powell by a country mile, and all for the best of causes.

Those who performed were absolutely amazing, and those who planned and executed the evening deserve great thanks.  I am thinking Mother Crab might post some photos (audio?) on her blog; if she does, I will link it here.

See you next year?