The Traditional Benedictine Monks from the community of Our Lady of the Cenacle, founded in the Diocese of Tulsa by the good Bishop Edward Slattery, has accepted an invitation to move the monastery to County Meath, Ireland.  They will be close enough to Dublin to toss them a Guinness from the brewery.

I don’t know any particulars behind the reasons for the move, and I don’t post this story to speculate.  Bishop Slattery is a good bishop, friendly to tradition, and Ireland certainly needs another traditional Catholic presence–especially of monks praying for the sanctification of priests.

My first reaction was a mere thought that flitted across the mind, to the effect of, good for them– I hope for our sakes that they won’t look back years from now and feel as grateful as a Jewish family who left Germany in 1937 would feel.  But, whatever storm is coming, it doesn’t look as though Ireland will be spared.

And on that cheerful note, have a great Monday, everybody!

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