What would you say if I told you that a parish of the Archdiocese refuses to use the new, exclusive English translation of the Roman Missal (Ordinary Form)?  Instead, this parish stubbornly clings to the 1973 mistranslation and substitutes its own judgement for that of the Church? 

Well, that is exactly what is happening at St. Stanislaus Parish— oh wait, that’s right– it’s not Catholic and it’s not a Parish.  Bozek strikes again.  From the bulletin for January 2012: 

At St. Stanislaus we continue to pray the originally authorized English translation of the Vatican II Catholic liturgy.  We will delay using the newly-revised translation of the Mass texts until a more understandable and prayerful adaptation is available… 

When you’ve already thrown out the baby, what’s the big deal about a little bath water?  I guess if anyone is still pushing the notion– in Court or elsewhere– that this is a Catholic parish they may not want this known.  And yet, if you don’t care about the rulings of the Pope or your Archbishop, why call yourself Catholic at all?