On the heels of the now-national outcry over the justified firing of the pro-homosexual “marriage” teacher in St. Louis, comes this story.  

The other day, a priest in the Washington, D.C. area denied Holy Communion to a lesbian living in an open and notorious relationship with another woman.  The Mass was a funeral Mass for the woman’s mother.  

The media outcry was predictable.

Perhaps also predictable was the undermining of the priest by the Archdiocese of Washington

The criticism by the Archdiocese assumes a set of facts that we don’t know, namely whether or if the priest advised the woman privately not to present herself for Communion.  But regardless, the Archdiocese’s failure to give the priest the benefit of the doubt is appalling.  “Lack of pastoral sensitivity”?  Puke.

Why, I wonder, do the bishops expect support from Catholics in the fight against the contraception mandate?  For which one of us will they go to the mat
when we get targeted by their liberal friends?

How many Apostles stood by the cross of Jesus?

You have to read the stories linked above.  The water is at 211 degrees, friends.