Well, after seventeen hours of travel, including one car ride, three flights and a taxi, we are at our starting point. The above photo is the first way mark and the beginning of the Camino Inglés.

Above: hotel, and just an 800 year old cruceiro in the courtyard; Ferrol city hall

We have had a total weather preview today— clouds, mist, drizzle, light showers, rainstorms with sideways rain, and occasional brilliant sunshine. The weather reports are not reliable after five minutes, but tomorrow might be ok and Sunday looks very bad indeed.

After landing in La Coruña, which was unexpectedly gorgeous, I will urge anyone hiking the Inglés to stay their first day there, then take the 40 minute taxi ride to the start of the Ferrol stage. Though there are things to like about Ferrol, it doesn’t match up. But I digress.

Though we were exhausted, we explored a bit and came upon an open church. Turns out it was the Church of San Francisco, and not only was it stunning, in the manner of the best Spanish religious art and architecture, but it retained its traditional character despite the table altar’s awkward presence in the sanctuary. Perhaps that follows due to Ferrol’s very traditional character.

Anyway, as though an answer to prayers, the church had Mass tonight at 7 pm, followed by Stations of the Cross.

Afterward the priest gave us a pilgrim blessing and we received stamps in our credenciales. We feel as though those prayer warriors back home procured us a special grace to hallow the start of this thing tomorrow morning. We are relying on Our Lord, Our Lady and St. James to arrange all as it should be.

Speaking of tomorrow , I’m exhausted. Time to rest. A few pics follow. ¡Hasta mañana!