Remember that time your guidebook said the walk was 14 miles and it was 18 miles?

Up hills, down. Around an Atlantic estuary. Rain, wind, cold, sun, rain massive downpours. The last one made life miserable, the last half hour until Pontedeume. Spoiled what is generally considered one of the more picturesque points of the Inglés: crossing the Roman bridge into town. With traffic threatening on one side and the 40mph wind gusts trying to send you into the drink, it was harrowing. Of course by that point I don’t know that we would have cared in any event. A late snack of jamon, manchego and Estrella Galicia cured that.

Hit Mass at the parish church—fittingly, the church of Santiago de Compostela. Got some cool sellos for our pilgrim passports. Last night was very devotional, tonight was about endurance.

Galicia is extraordinarily beautiful. The weather is exceptionally changeable, and very, very wet

The parish priest said tomorrow’s trek to Betanzos is very “duro”. That means hard. Bring it on I guess. I’ll let Mary worry about how I actually get it done.

Forecast: rain all day and high winds.

Not to be a downer— there was lots to love today, and beauties galore. My WiFi signal is weak so I’ll limit photos to a few. Make it up later.