The title of this post does not represent an original thought of mine. But it is nevertheless true. Many faithful Catholics have maintained this point during the now more than fifty year— and pardon the coarseness of the term but it is apt—rape of the Bride of Christ.

As Patrick Archbold (himself, like many of us, an escapee from the “conservative” group) writes in this excellent piece at The Remnant, the triumph of modernism in the wake of the Second Vatican Council was enabled— palliated— by the conservative urge to hold on to a smaller and smaller piece of the entirety of what was being lost.

I was born in 1967 into a Church that had already surrendered to the enemy, I just didn’t know it. After that surrender, it became the task of successive Pontiffs to cede ground in order to maintain something that still resembled that which they inherited. The Popes that ceded the least territory to the enemy in order to “conserve” that which remained, were hailed as heroes on the global stage. Those who put up little resistance and gave ground easily had to content themselves merely with sainthood. But each in their turn gave precious ground to the enemy.

Those few faithful that refused to flee and abandon the Church altogether were told by those they trusted that all the ground ceded to the enemy was of no value anyway, that is was actually an encumbrance better jettisoned to preserve those things that really mattered. Then those things that really mattered were artfully moved into the encumbrance category and jettisoned with the rest. Better to do this, we were told, then to fight. Fighting only made things worse, made the tiger clench its jaws even tighter. Best not to wiggle and squirm, it just turns people off. This was the “conservative” approach. That we should only be concerned with the 5 year rolling average of truth and not focus on what was already lost.

It isn’t about blame but rather about finally coming out of that post-destruction, everything-is-normal mindset. And Archbold is right on what we should do now:

What we must first do is recognize that the enemy, modernism and its mitred minions, will never stop. They will never just take enough and stop. They will never be satiated. They will relentlessly continue until there is nothing left of True Religion. Digging trenches is not a strategy for victory, but merely a delaying tactic for inevitable defeat. That means we cannot just fight this fight where the current lines are drawn, our aim has to be to take it back, all of it. That means the aim must be the recovery of all Truth and return fully to traditional Catholicism in its liturgy and formulations of the Truth and every promulgated falsehood, whether direct or indirect, must be purged from the Church. Yes, traditional Catholicism is the only answer. Seeking any kind of middle ground leaves the enemy on the field. That can never be tolerated. There were those valiant men who told us this at the beginning of the onslaught, but all too many of us were not prepared to listen.

We can make no pretense that our backs are not currently to the wall. And even though most of the Church at every level has fallen into the iron grip of the enemy, we can never despair, even if we are reduced to a most pitiable state, persecuted by our own even in concert with oppressive states, seeking sacraments in secret, or worse. We have God’s promise that the Church will survive. And we further have the promise of His mother that the Church will be restored after this terrible way of the cross.

But in the meantime, we fight. There is no fleeing to the hills in hopes that we will be left alone there to rebuild Christianity. The enemy would never allow it. We must fight them on everything.

We shall fight against every unholy innovation of this dark and destructive Church, not just the new ones, but all those that have brought us to this state.

I started this blog 11 years ago with the mission to defend and promote the traditional Mass and doctrine of the Catholic Church. And to defend those brave bishops, priests and laymen who fought this fight. Whatever the reach of this blog, small or no, I intend to continue that mission. There is hope— people of faith are waking up, signs of restoration exist. But absent the extraordinary intervention of Our Lord and Lady, an intervention which is certain but of unknown timing, we must be prepared for the worst, and face it as soldiers of Christ.