From The Liturgical Year:

The miracle performed by our Saviour almost at the very gates of Jerusalem, by which He restored Lazarus to life, has roused the fury of His enemies to the highest pitch of phrensy. The people’s enthusiasm has been excited by seeing him, who had been four days in the grave, walking in the streets of their city. They ask each other if the Messias, when He comes, can work greater wonders than these done by Jesus, and whether they ought not at once to receive this Jesus as the Messias, and sing their Hosanna to Him, for He is the Son of David. They cannot contain their feelings: Jesus enters Jerusalem, and they welcome Him as their King. The high priests and princes of the people are alarmed at this demonstration of feeling; they have no time to lose; they are resolved to destroy Jesus. We are going to assist at their impious conspiracy: the Blood of the just Man is to be sold, and the price put on it is thirty silver pieces. The divine Victim, betrayed by one of His disciples, is to be judged, condemned, and crucified. Every circumstance of this awful tragedy is to be put before us by the liturgy, not merely in words, but with all the expressiveness of a sublime ceremonial.

Holy Week Schedule at St. Francis de Sales Oratory (all liturgies celebrated according to pre-1955 rubrics):

Holy Week

Confessions 30 minutes before all Masses and Devotions

Sunday, March 25 – Palm Sunday

8am Low Mass; 9:30am Blessing of Palms w/ procession; Solemn Mass

Monday, March 26 – Holy Monday

8am Low Mass

Tuesday, March 27 – Holy Tuesday

8am Low Mass; 6:30pm Low Mass w/ devotions

Wednesday, March 28 – Spy Wednesday

8am Low Mass; 12:15pm Low Mass

Sacred Triduum

Holy Thursday, March 29

5:30pm Confessions

6:30pm Solemn Mass

Procession to the Repository,

Adoration Until Midnight

Good Friday, March 30

8am Confessions/Stations of the Cross

2pm-6:30pm Confessions

3:00pm Liturgy of the

Passion & Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Saturday, March 31

8pm Confessions

9pm Easter Vigil & Solemn High Mass

followed by Blessing of Easter Food

(bread, eggs, …)

Holy Easter Sunday

Sunday April 1- Easter Sunday

8am Low Mass; 10am HIgh Mass