John Zmirak really nails it. After covering the statement that Tom Evans was brutalized into issuing by his son’s murderers, he observes that this sort of thing can happen here:

It Can Happen Here. It’s Happening Now.

In our land, the California district attorney tries to imprison pro-life reporters. That state’s legislature plans to censor biblical speech. In New York, sidewalk counselors fight gag rules so they can witness outside abortion clinics. In Austin, the Texas Association of Business helped defeat a bill protecting pastors from prison for refusing same-sex weddings. It’s not that it can happen here. It’s happening here. As you read this.

Ronald Reagan famously said that liberty is always just one generation away from extinction. Let me solemnly say it: Now we are just one presidential election away. That is how drunk with power our enemies are.

They don’t just want to beat us. They feel the need to break us. And as the case of Tom and Alfie Evans shows us, they really will stop at nothing.