Bear with me in a stream of consciousness post, all threads of which suggest the same conclusion: if you are Catholic (I mean a real, actual, believing and practicing Catholic), you will soon not be able to state your views in public. Not online. Not at work. Not in polite society. Not on the internet. Not in your homes. And not even in your head. The Overton Window is soon to shut, and to be barred with steel.

Not only will your pope, bishop and priest not be able to help you, in most cases they won’t want to help you. They will, at best and all-too-rarely, be in the same boat as you. More likely, they wont address the problem, either through misinformation, stupidity or cowardice. And at worst, and all too often, they will be among your persecutors.

This is not a post of despair. The job is simple, tough, but with the ultimate reward.  Be brave.  Do what is right, even if no one can see you do it.  Even if this murderous machine succeeds in lying about you and yours and everyone despises you.  You are a soldier for Christ.  A sheep of His fold.  Endure. Keep and increase faith, hope, charity.  Stay in the state of grace.  Prepare as though you will be martyred; evangelize as though we are on the cusp of a second Pentecost.  And if no one is within your reach of influence, pray– and never give up hope.

But it is clear that the levers of power, secular and most unfortunately ecclesiastical are dead set against us.  The veil of silence descends.  Some snapshots:

The British government, never one to shy away from killing its enemies, never one to do so without the hypocritical arrogance of a pantomime show of justice, is the enforcement arm of the planned destruction of the last vestiges of Christianity in Europe.  They kill the innocent; they prosecute those who complain about it.  They import their own suicide in the form of Muslim immigration; they prosecute those who complain about it. And the situation is similar in many European nations.

And what of the Church in Europe? Well, we know that the English bishops were de facto accessories to the killing of that little baby. And far from helping the Catholic father and baby, they made sure to keep their comfy seat at the socialist table intact.  Furthermore, they silenced those of the Church who tried to help.  Unlike under Henry VIII, they didn’t just cave– they added the weight of their efforts to snuff out a Catholic life and the Catholic cause supporting that life.  Then, to show the absolute pettiness of the cabal who had already won– they even denied the family the consolation of allowing the one obedient priest to attend the baby’s funeral.

The situation in the UK is bad; but they are merely ahead of us on the trajectory we all are on, and will reach, sooner or later.  Back here in the States, and all over the world by extension, the giants of social media are silencing Christians and other advocates of Western Civilization– see here and here.  Without linking, we have read about several blogs taken down, suspended, or threatened.  I guess most recently Steve Skojec got dinged.  Believe me, the only reason I’m not on the receiving end is that I lack the reach. The end game will come just the same.

(As an aside, one small reason I keep this blog going despite being past my most productive or effective creative period is that I figure that there may be a time when the small and medium voices will provide a window of Catholic advocacy and community after the inevitable silencing of the well-known and well-read sites.)

Eerie, alien-looking plutocrat Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced plans to weed out “fake news” and ensure you can only read Deep State-sponsored propaganda.  Those in power used to have a news monopoly, then they lost it but figured in their arrogance no one would question them.  After Trump, it is easy to see that they don’t want to take that chance again.  They already control the indoctrination of your children in the “educational system”. They have control over most of the political and judicial system. They want to make it impossible to hear dissent, to speak dissent, and in the end to even think dissent.

So, co-opting the words of Sir Edward Grey before World War I, “The lamps are going out all over [Europe][the world][the Church][the internet].” The end of public discourse approaches.

We are totally dependent on the saving actions of Our Lord and Lady.  And for those actions, we pray, and do our part while we can.