Charles D'Albret se meurt....The unrelenting unraveling of order, morality, civility and religion continues apace.  Not only that, we can all see that there are new outrages daily that are so numerous and so outrageous that each new outrage fails to outrage.

A very incomplete recap of recent events includes leftists (even those who hold public office) encouraging violence against government officials, businessmen being shamed for where they eat, media defending the act of flat-out, undeniable making stuff up for propaganda effect, administration officials being threatened in their homes by mobs and kicked out of public establishments, the putative pope shrugging his shoulders and winking that bishops can decide diocese-by-diocese whether to allow systematic sacrilege, and then for good measure taking sides in the internal politics of nation-states.

People, that’s just last week.

I keep asking, ineffectually of course, “How much longer can this go on?  How much longer will decent people just take this?”  Over the weekend a scene from Shakespeare’s Henry V came to me very strongly. It encapsulates my thinking on the current situation.

The scene unfolds during the Battle of Agincourt in 1415. Though the French outnumbered the English at least 5-1, they were routed by the English, who begain a period of great success in the Hundred Years’ War.  Here is the dialogue from Shakespeare’s play, and here’s a hint, we’re the French:

Constable of France:  Why, all our ranks are broke.
Lewis the Dauphin:  O perdurable shame! let’s stab ourselves.
Be these the wretches that we play’d at dice for?
Duke of Orleans:  Is this the king we sent to for his ransom?
Duke of Bourbon:  Shame and eternal shame, nothing but shame!
Let us die in honour: once more back again;
And he that will not follow Bourbon now,
Let him go hence, and with his cap in hand,
Like a base pander, hold the chamber-door
Whilst by a slave, no gentler than my dog,
His fairest daughter is contaminated.
Constable of France:  Disorder, that hath spoil’d us, friend us now!
Let us on heaps go offer up our lives.
Duke of Orleans:  We are enow yet living in the field
To smother up the English in our throngs,
If any order might be thought upon.
Duke of Bourbon: The devil take order now! I’ll to the throng:
Let life be short; else shame will be too long.

Are we at the Exuent moment yet? Why is no order thought upon?

Recall that in the Hundred Years’ War, the English rout of the French at Agincourt was only really undone, finally, by the leadership and victories of St. Joan of Arc.  Is it that in the designs of Providence, that we must await our general, the Queen of All Saints, Our Lady of Fatima?  Perhaps.  But we are called to be ready to act and to act to defend the true and the good. Stand ready. This can’t go on forever.  I for one am sick to death of seeing evil run roughshod over good.

We are enow yet living in the field to smother them up in our throngs if any order be thought upon.