About a year ago, I ran a poll that garnered some attention in the world of believing Catholics about certain theories as to the identity of the Pope.  Many people voted, and as you can see from the link the results were (I would have thought then) shocking.  And yet, one year later, I think there may be reason to poll people again.

Why?  Well, one could just take the news of the week, where Fr. Rosica tries to describe his boss in terms that could easily be applied to the antichrist, and where the cabal of sodomites in the hierarchy (and supported by those in charge in the Vatican) is just beginning to be exposed in the press.  Also, there seems to have been a distillation of theories of the current problems with this papacy.

Ann Barnhardt has advanced for quite some time the position that Benedict’s putative abdication was invalid.

Bishop Gracida has called for a new conclave of non-Bergoglio appointed cardinals in order to elect a new pope, because under Universi Dominici Gregis the previous conclave was invalid.

Others, citing St. Robert Bellarmine, Suarez and others, and using Cardinal Burke’s words as support, believe that Bergoglio has self-deposed (or rather, has been deposed by Christ) on account of his manifest public heresy (as an aside, it is rather difficult to point to just one suspect in the catalogue of heretical statments at issue– most point to Amoris Laetitia or the recent change to the catechism).  In the interests of justice, it must be said also that Cardinal Burke has not come out and said that this event has yet happened.

And of course there is the obvious, that Francis is pope just like we are told he is.  He may be the worst pope ever, but don’t we deserve this because of our own sins?  Of course we do.

I have my thoughts on all of these, of course, but I won’t pollute the poll.  So, Catholics, what do you think? Vote, and comment if you like in the combox.  Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for us.


N.B. I had tried to run a simpler, one-question poll in this post, but for continuity reasons decided to revert to the same, two-question poll that I ran previously.  Vote again.