I have a post category I call “Rad Trads and Neo-Caths, Living Together”, which I now use infrequently.  It is my own inside joke, based on the Bill Murray Ghostbusters rant about “dogs and cats, living together, MASS HYSTERIA!”  It was used for posts that highlighted the great divide between the small number of Catholic traditionalists with the great, gooey middle of the Catholic “conservatives”.  Two groups, both wanting to be Catholic, that ought to have a lot in common, yet always seemed at odds.  “Rad-Trads” doubting the Catholicity of their brethren, who in turn doubted their brethren’s sanity.  It just seemed that there was so much prestige, money, book sales, speechifying, and op-ed’ing involved in being the respectable “middle”.

Well, as many of us have been predicting for some time, as a logical consequence of conservatives being forced to defend the increasingly indefensible, it is now obvious that the “conservative” Catholic party is dwindling at an alarming rate. Soon, only [pick your fave, I’ll say] George Weigel will be photographed on an iceflow holding his latest book about John Paul the Great surrounded by rising seas.  This will be used by him, Al Gore-like, to lament the past glory of the neo-Catholic, post-Vatican II illusion.

The quote above in my post’s title offers a bit more hope.  Jason Kippen in The Christian Review notes the way in which Pope Bergoglio is actually unifying what Catholics there are left, as he seeks to drive more and more Catholics from the Church.  It is obvious that a choice must be made.

For every fraud like Mark Shea, who will say any fatuity for the promise of a buck, there are conservatives coming around to the timeless praxis and doctrines of the faith.  God be praised.  After all that is the journey many of us have taken.  And maybe that post category will be more true, and more common.