From an open letter to bishops at Lifesite News:

Bishops of the Catholic Church, awake and do your duty. For Christ is coming to you on his great white horse with his vast army of white-robed heavenly warriors. If you really wish to be his warriors, his latter-day apostles, then he will come as your generous and magnanimous King. But if you are false shepherds, he will come with his destroying sword and he will pass judgement on you. Surely you do not want this, surely more than anything else you want to be his true knights, his faithful vassals.

We have now entered the time of Judgement. There is little time. We cannot avoid catastrophe, any more than the people Jerusalem could avoid the destruction of their city at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar. For our salvation, we must be punished. Can you not see that the earth itself is revolting at man’s wickedness, and will soon rise up in judgement against the utterly immense and terrible evil that is saturating the earth?  God will intervene, for he will not allow his little ones to be lost.  Come to your senses, and lead your flocks in the ways of gentleness, goodness and peace, and then you will truly be great warriors of Christ. Heed my words, heed them before it is too late.