I know there is no immediate connection between the two (though in the Divine economy there absolutely is a connection), but today I have been reflecting on the loss of Raffaella Stroik, who was such a beautiful person, inside and out. A beautiful dancer, a Mass-going Catholic, in whose cause of death no foul play is suspected by authorities. And yet she is gone. She exuded beauty in her art, her relationships with those she knew, and in her soul. All that beauty and life gone from this world.

And then I think of the destroyer on the throne of Peter, presiding over the intentional destruction of the Mass and the faith it embodies and guards. A destruction that began long before Raffaella Stroik’s birth. I think of wounding by this man and his cohort of the Church that gives eternal life, day after day, without remorse. Their legacy is death and despair.

And I weep for us all, in the beauty passing daily from this world.