As I sit here typing on my tablet, I am aware of the irony of relating my New Year’s resolution. I have long been aware of spending way too much time on my electronic devices, but trying to set a limit on time spent has been tough to quantify and to enforce. Then it hit me that a better approach may be to set a positive goal which will achieve the same effect.

I love to read, and in my whole life I have had at least one book going, and usually several. Then a year or two ago I started reading on the tablet, for convenience. But you might have noticed that the way the brain takes to reading literary, philosophical , or theological works on a screen just isn’t the same. And reading on the tablet makes it so easy to just switch over to the internet or social media.

And so I recalled that I once loved to read books. Made of paper. Three dimensional. Real.

Therefore, my resolution is to make daily progress on a real book. By so doing I hope by necessity to spend less time in the ones and zeroes.

The book that chose me is Willa Cather’s Death Comes for the Archbishop. I haven’t read it in years, but just reading the prologue has confirmed my decision. Instead of wallowing in the sludge of pope/antipope, it is a blessing to read of growth in faith, of beginnings…