I don’t know when this blog became my vacation journal, but I guess it was when I ran out of ways to describe the horrors of Francisdom. Anyway, checking in from Vienna:

We heard Mass at the Paulanerkirche (the real Mass, that is). Then on to the Hotel Sacher for Früstück and some apfelstrudel mit schlag, sachertorte and melange. Then a drag-the-kids-into-culture-at-any-price tour through the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Then a view of the treasury of the Austrian Emperors (no photos because my phone died), including Charlemagne’s crown, a relic of the true cross and holy lance, and scads of jewels. Then ice skating until my shins bled at the Wiener Eistraum, then the family platter from Wienerwald to save us all.

So, nothing much happened.