The canard that Vatican II and the Novus Ordo are mere coincidences, and not in fact the intentional causes of the collapse of the institutional Church and the faith of untold millions, is no longer tenable. This is the one positive outcome of the Bergoglian Papacy.

The “hermeneutic of continuity” was the last effort to front for the logical proposition that the last 55 years have been anything but a rupture with the unchanging teaching and concomitant praxis of the Church. Sensing their hour was at hand, and that they could achieve the last of their goals, the evil men responsible for ousting Benedict and replacing him with Bergoglio have removed the last thin veneer preventing people from recognizing reality.

The train wreck is in full view.

Leaving aside those who actively embraced this evil for what it is, I feel sorrow for those of us who wanted to be Catholic, and still want to be Catholic, but who were not given the fulness of that faith to hold on to, and to pass down to our progeny.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are two different religions.

The image above is taken from a must-read article by Brian Williams at The Liturgy Guy blog. Seeking to test what most undoubtedly suspected through anecdotal evidence, Fr. Donald Kloster, Mr. Williams, and others conducted nationwide polling exactly mirroring previously published research on the Church as a whole, in effect comparing the responses of attendees of the Traditional Latin Mass with the Church at large, which of course overwhelmingly attends the N.O.

The results are self-evidently in favor of the TLM as a vehicle to transmit and retain the faith, to promote Catholic teachings, and to encourage regular recourse to the sacraments. But of course, this is by design.

Read it, and weep.