As I write this, Notre Dame is burning, and will almost certainly be totally destroyed. As I write this, there is no definitive cause of the blaze. It is of course best to wait until the cause is established. I merely note the speed with which the government-beholden media pointed to the possibility that it “could” be linked to the ongoing restoration work. I also note that Paul Joseph Watson ran a story that a worker at the Cathedral claims it was intentionally set. You have to consider the sources for both versions, and wait and see. One thing is certain: should this be an intentional act, by a Muslim especially, the media will not be quick to acknowledge it, and will likely blame Catholics for inciting it by their “hate”.

I am not the only one who sees a metaphor in the loss of this magnificent church in honor of the Mediatrix of All Graces. It may or may not be a direct product of the death of Western Civilization– in other words, Catholic Civilization. But at least it is a symptom of it.

We have a Church that has been taken over by either a) the most anti-Catholic pope in history; or, b) the most anti-Catholic antipope in history. The hierarchy has totally sold out to the world, most of them exuberantly, most of the rest cowardly, and a very few “good” ones meekly. The wolves are among the sheep and NOBODY will do anything about it.

We are left to shift for ourselves.

The UK is long gone. France, like most Western European nations, is under seige. The U.S. is just a few years behind. Nobody does anything. Donald Trump campaigned, in his inimitable way, on the promise of doing something, ANYTHING, about it. We elected him. The results have been mixed at best. But still.

Who will do anything to protect Catholics from the satanic mob that howls for our blood? Bergoglio? Please. Benedict? Obviously not. The good bishops? No, but they will write a cogent obituary explaining how we were right and probably should not have been killed.

Where is our hope? Of course, our hope is in the Lord, and victory is certain. Of course, our hope is in Our Lady, her triumph, predicted at Fatima, is certain.

But is that it? Pray your Rosaries and wait for death? That’s it? Let Mary sort it out?

How far we are from the Crusades, Lepanto, Vienna and the victory in Spain.

Our Lady of Fatima, how long? And what can we do until you act?